We offer external project management

Managed Outsource Services is one of those business services that many companies are seeking to outsource. These company types are

in the process of becoming more popular with their customers as they have proven to be a bridge in the transition towards outsourcing. They provide an in-house solution that is more cost-effective than traditional outsourcing solutions.

Some of the service types MOS offers are: project management, IT, finance, HR and marketing. These services are available at all levels of your business and at any point in time. Let’s say you need a marketing expert two weeks before your big launch and this expert can only be done via external project management or IT – MOS would be able to provide this service for you without compromising on quality of their work or experience level with what they do best: Managing.

Our project management is one of the most comprehensive services that our company offers. It includes things like making sure you have a high-quality website, writing content, and design.

We offer external project management to our clients to make sure they have a complete team capable of meeting their needs and deadlines.

Outsource services is a term used to describe the process of contracting work or other tasks to an external company rather than doing them in-house.

Outsource services can include activities such as research, design, technology, engineering, programming and more. We offer outsourced project management for both small and large scale projects. Our service has been designed to take care of all the required tasks in order to manage a successful project.

We not only provide outsourcing services at TokenCard but also offer innovative internship positions at our company.

We offer the world’s most trusted platform for managing external projects. We help service providers to manage their projects, tasks and financials from a single dashboard.

Our services:

– Outsourcing project management

– Importing existing tasks from various platforms (Workflowy, Trello)

– Convenient form for booking support calls

– Invoicing system

Collaborating with external service providers has always been a way of life for businesses. It is difficult to manage everything hassle-free on your own and that is the reason why many businesses rely on the help of external project management firms.

We can offer you a complete outsource option where you can have your project managed externally by our experienced professionals.

Freelancers and agencies are not always equipped with the necessary skills or resources to complete their project scope. In such circumstances, they can outsource external project management to professionals with the requisite skills and experience.

We provide internal project management, design, development and content strategy for our clients without compromising on quality, deadlines and cost.

We offer an externally managed project management system. This means that you can manage your projects and tasks without the hassle of managing projects internally.

This is also a great way to keep costs down, as you’d be able to outsource some of your services and tasks.

We offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit your needs. We have a team of highly-trained project managers and customer service executives that can help you with anything from strategy to implementation.

We are an engineering firm with a background in software development. We perform development services including, but not limited to:

– Web application design

– Software development

– Hardware manufacturing

– Hardware troubleshooting

We also provide project management solutions for businesses and large scale projects and offer customer service support (e.g. call centers, technical support, etc) domestically and overseas .

We offer a range of external project management and consulting services including marketing strategy, digital strategy, content marketing strategy, SEO management, web design and development, copywriting and creative design.