Walker Bai – Engineering Design & Technical Management

EyVA not only provides you with highly skilled staff, but it also helps you build high performing teams offshore. Once you realise the time and money you save, just like our client Jeremy McDonald of WalkerBai did, you’ll never look back.

Being in the engineering industry, WalkerBai started to see a considerable growth in their business ever since they opened their doors in February 2015. Our client had too much workload to handle, and while that was good news for business, it wasn’t great news for a team that could barely handle the projects to completion.

WalkerBai was no stranger to offshore outsourcing and explained that ‘hiring someone locally in Australia takes up to 6 weeks before you even find a suitable candidate, and by the time you start training them and plug them into projects, you end up paying for 2 months without actually getting any results in return. On the other hand, when hiring offshore with Ey VA, the staff get into work much quicker, they are much more affordable, and you can get into testing without having to pay the expensive constant fees.’

In their growing EzyVA team, WalkerBai have an executive assistant, autocad operators and a team of engineers, including mechanical, electrical & fire. Our client explained to us that because we are a turnkey solution from the upfront strategy through to offices, recruitment, human resources, project managers, & ongoing performance, it helps them utilize the staff without having to think about the overheads or management.

Much to our excitement, WalkerBai told us that the team has been fantastic so far. ‘Each team member has been performing from the get-go, there was almost zero training required, and they were superstars throughout.’

What The Team Says…

‘We couldn’t be any happier’ is how our conversation with the WalkerBai team started. The remote staff working working under Jeremy McDonald’s management explain to us that Jeremy is the greatest mentor, helping them develop their knowledge and skills everyday.

One of the team, Milissa, mentioned that during their first week, the entire team in Australia sent their warm welcome via email and Skype. ‘That made me feel very important and also every time Jeremy asks for my opinion because it means my voice and ideas matters and in one way or another my contribution is highly appreciated’, she adds.

As part of Milissa’s responsibilities, she deals with fee proposals, company policies, research, communicating with subcontractors, invoicing in Xero, creating draft invoice and code bills and also weekly reporting for outstanding invoices, and sending payment reminder emails.

The team always make sure that they give their all when they get assigned a task.

‘It’s like we’re part of a family and we are all one team’.

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