Tiffany Bowtell

Tiffany is a strong, independent, brilliant business woman. She’s been in the property management industry for over 22 years, educating her clients and innovating their businesses every step of the way. Being the leader that she is, Tiffany knew straight away that in order to provide her clients with even more support, she had to fully get involved in streamlining their business processes. And that was how PMVA – Property Management Virtual Assistant was born.

Starting January 2016, PMVA opened its doors to Tiff’s clients in the property management industry and Ezy VA was the vessel through which the idea came to life. Tiffany reveals “My clients were looking for an permanent staffing solution that would be both productive and cost effective. I understood I needed to up my game from being a solopreneur to leveraging business. I was doing everything in my company, even though I had a small team of people assisting me, and the view was to get away from it and let my staff do all the time consuming work.”

PMVA is built in partnership with Ezy VA which helped Tiffany with recruiting 8 staff to date, providing everything from human resources to office facilities and management. “I believe this partnership works very well for people who target a niche industry, either consulting or coaching, people such as solicitors, lawyers, financial planners, mortgage brokers, that have a particular industry insight” Tiffany disclosed.

When asked about the PMVA team, Tiffany excitingly told us “Everyone is fantastic. At the moment we have one team leader in place, one marketing assistant and one virtual assistant per client. Each team member goes through a 3-6 month training period, until they’re fully comfortable with our systems and processes. We’re slowly taking on clients as we want to provide them with the best service possible”.

“PMVA is built on personal values and attitude”, Tiffany explains, “as we value fabulous attitude more than anything”.

Thank you Tiffany for being such an inspiration and for choosing Ezy VA as your leverage partner.

What does the team say…

Aimee was the first Virtual Assistant to join the PMVA team, and she believes she speaks for everyone when she says “everyone in the PMVA team puts their heart and their soul into working for Tiffany. She’s so passionate and helpful and extremely approachable.” Being part of the team for over 7 months now, Aimee tells us the team culture is very strong already, as they all consider they’re part of one big family, where everyone is helping each other out with a happy heart and soul. “We complement each other and we know that we are stronger together, even if we expand to 100 staff members, our aim is to nurture this culture and grow together”.

Aimee told us Tiffany visited the team in The Philippines as well, which only made the staff appreciate her even more. They were happy to meet her and valued she took the time to come and train them in person. With another visit scheduled for Tiffany and 2 other staff members going through the hiring process, Aimee can tell the family is getting bigger already and knows for a fact PMVA will be there to support Tiffany no matter what.

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