Shane Anderson

Shane has always been a strategic thinker. He’s been able to quickly identify the businesses that would be more profitable and action them at the right time. A little over a year ago when he was introduced to Ezy VA he was committed to building yet another profitable brand, and understood that offshore outsourcing was an integral part of business that would help him achieve exactly that.

So when his Virtual Assistant – Shirley joined the team, the idea quickly turned into reality. Shane explains that he had a distinct lack of time, but knew that he needed to set things in motion, and start the work in the background that wouldn’t necessarily require him to be there all the time. The idea was to build Shane’s personal branding for his multi layer marketing business, raise his social profile and pretty much handle everything that came with that from website development, to social media management and content writing.

Shane explains he needed someone to help him with his branding down to the last detail, and manage to keep the uplifting, motivational tone of voice that his audience was needing. How did his VA Shirley action that? “Absolutely fantastic” Shane reveals. “We’ve got along extremely well from the very beginning, she required little to no training, she’s extremely talented at writing my articles, she has met all of my expectations and then some”.

What Shirley says…

We were extremely curious to see what Shirley had to say about Shane’s business and almost instantly we were struck by her excitement to be part of Shane’s team. “I’m feeling really lucky to have Shane as a client and mentor. He’s an extremely busy man, and I knew he needed someone to work independently and action his tasks effectively.” Shirley explains that her suggestions are always listened to and she’s very much encouraged to contribute to new ideas. “My work efforts are always acknowledged, which pushes me to always go that extra mile, learn new things and come up with new ideas”.

Shirley’s tasks include, but are not limited to, website design and development, social media management, content writing, email send outs. She revealed to us that even when she encountered situations which she wasn’t fully experienced in, she would always invest time in learning to develop her skills “In my free time I was studying about the ins and outs of social media and SEO and how I could help Shane more. I was extremely motivated to provide him with the best service possible”.

And that’s how all of the Ezy VA staff operate. We really do take pride in serving our clients with the most committed, hard-working individuals. If you would like to have a look through our pool of talent, for a complete list of available staff.

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