Rod Nicholls

Rod Nicholls had been working in the web design and hosting industry for 10 years when he was introduced to EzyVA 3 years ago. His business was doing really good, but as he started to get more and more clients he understood the importance of having skilled professionals on board, that would do a quick and effective job.

“My employees were too expensive for me to justify the cost when I had to take into consideration the office space, payroll expenses and whatnot. So I started working with contractors, and that didn’t work for me either”. It wasn’t until he heard about offshore outsourcing that he was sold on the business model and how he could employ qualified people to do a cheaper, and even better job. “I trusted EzyVA with finding someone capable to do the work. I like the systems, and management layers you have in place. It’s a lot more cost effective for me as well. Locally I meet with most of my clients, so I can then pass on the information to my staff to get the website produced. Skype, Dropbox and Google Drive make it easy to share files.”

When asked about Grace – his virtual staff, Rod said “She’s always reliable, capable, and knows pretty much everything about what I’m asking her to do. She’s really quick at working things out, it’s always quicker to delegate things to her than to do it in the local office as she has a vast palette of skills.” Rod is a fan of offshoring for a number of reasons, and says he always recommends us to business partners and friends.

The most interesting part about Rod’s story though is the reason behind his choice to outsource offshore with EzyVA. Unlike the majority of our clients who are excited about scaling, grow their teams and become industry leaders, Rod tells us “I’m running my business part-time, because I want to have more time for myself. Working with EzyVA has allowed me to have a self-running business which allows me to work 3 days/week for a charity in China, and I couldn’t have done that without having you help me. My business is not taking over my life, and I have EzyVA to thank for that”.

What Grace says…

“We’ve been working together for three years and it feels like we’ve been business partners since forever”. Grace starts off her story. “There have barely been situations in which we weren’t clear on what needed to be done. Rod is a very nice person to work with as he’s very patient and has a very clear idea of what needs to be done.” Grace reveals she’s had issues with clients before that were a bit unclear in their pitch, which always delayed the delivery time, but with Rod there seems to have been a very well orchestrated workflow.

“I’m extremely grateful I got the opportunity to be part of Rod’s team. There have been literally no times when I was stressed, and that’s an achievement in itself in today’s business. I only wish we had more work coming through, as I take real pleasure in developing the websites Rod is giving me.”

What is the secret behind Rod’s and Grace’s work machine? “Good preparation and communication” they both responded. And we couldn’t agree with them more.

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