Ray Behan

Ray Behan, CEO of Think and Grow Group and Think and Grow Property, found himself struggling to find the perfect team for his growing business when he met Ezy VA. “We we were challenged because it was getting rather difficult to keep a productive team working together, as our employees at the time were juggling between jobs, so we found ourselves in a position where we needed reliable team members, and that’s when we found Ezy VA. We heard only great things about Ezy VA and after testing the waters for a couple of months, we were completely sold. I flew to Pampanga in the Philippines a couple of years ago and after spending 2-3 days in the office I realised even more that everybody working there was fully dedicated, their heart was completely in the business, super loyal, high driven and motivated. Performance was non questionable.”

Working in the finance industry, Ray needed passionate people, that he could rely on and that his clients would get along with perfectly as well. The Think and Grow Group is geared towards helping people change their perception around finance and money in order for them to achieve their desired outcome by creating financial freedom, and changing the human mindset, so dedication and commitment was an absolute must on Ray’s job description.

Ray worked with a number of Virtual Assistants from the very beginning. He managed to set up a system meant to track performance and targets, so that everybody in the business could compare results. The staff were trained in doing a lot of appointment setting, paper follow-up and trail. “It’s a super complex process, not only because the amount of forms to be completed is very high, but also because the timing around which these need to be filled by is also very thorough. The team at Ezy VA have access to our CRM systems, so they help with filling up the forms and with the follow up procedures. Also with our coaching program, Ezy VA have a very seamless system where they are able to help us with the setting up of our consultations and coaching sessions. They inform our clients about the necessary requirements and make sure there aren’t any interruptions on any end, maximising efficiency and results.”

When asked whether Think and Grow Group would recommend us to other business partners or friends, we were extremely happy to hear that: “Our client base is also thrilled with the services Ezy VA offers as well. We’ve explained to them prior to working together that our team is based in the Philippines and we feel so blessed to have them join our company. Would I recommend Ezy VA? Well… Im sure there are lots of companies out there that are really good at doing these types of work, but I believe the proof is in the outcome. I can only say we have had a fantastic outcome and then some. I don’t feel the need of looking for other solutions out there, everything we need is right here at Ezy VA and yes, I would 100% recommend you to other people who need your services.”

What Caressa says…

When asked how working for Think and Grow Group feels like, Caressa instantaneously replied “Fast-paced and rewarding!” She then carried on to point: “Ray gives very clear instructions on what he needs from us. There are currently two of us assisting Ray and his team and I can say that both myself and my colleague have become pros at time management and efficiency.”

Both Caressa and her other VA colleague work full-time for Ray. Some of their daily activities involve contacting clients to make sure paperwork has been received and filled in. “We get full support from Ray and the team” Caressa adds, “so when the days get really busy, the other managers will step in and give us a helping hand as well”.

Caressa also explained that Ray “is very thorough with what he needs done. If there are any additional tasks that we haven’t gone through, he will guide us through the necessary steps. He’s also very vocal when he’s pleased with the outcome, and even incentivizes us, which is a huge motivation kick.” Caressa also talked to us about the learnings she’s had already after starting working with Ray, and it didn’t come as a surprise when she said: “I’ve learned I have to be open, always communicate with the client, never to be hesitant, to always ask for help, and be flexible. On a more personal note, I’ve learned to be more precise in what I want from life”

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