Ramo Phalatsi

Hanna not only gave me my time back, she’s also helped me scale my business, by allowing me to focus on the most important things when dealing with my clients, without getting sucked into the time consuming tasks. I’m really pleased; things are going from good to better everyday.

Ramo had been growing Tenaka for a little over 10 years when he brought Hanna on board to help him take his business to the next level. Working in the digital creative industry for such a long time required Ramo to spend a lot of time nurturing his existing clients, but also making sure he had a flow of new clients coming in as well that were benefiting from the same level of service.

When asked how Hanna helped him escalate his business game, Ramo revealed that in the 5 months they have been working together “communication has been eased tremendously. Im being saved a lot of time by Hanna going through my emails, sorting information, and handling my schedule.” Ramo described Hanna as “cheerful and always helpful with an unusual sense of humor that the entire team is appreciating, she’s very responsive and incredibly responsible.” At a bigger level Ramo believes his business has grown as result of bringing Hanna into the Tenaka Tribe and would be more than happy to recommend us to any business partners or associates.

What Hanna says…

Boosting with energy and commitment, Hanna described her working experience with Ramo without hesitation: “Working for Tenaka has been a life changing experience for me as it walked me through all the excitement stages from being terribly overwhelmed, through to totally owning the job.” Hanna is managing the calendar of all the Tenaka Tribe, handles the organising of the events, deals with client requests, timesheets and various other things that have taught Hanna to be very organised and responsible. Her work is reviewed on a monthly basis, which is giving her a sense of achievement through the feedback she’s receiving.

Talking about how Tenaka constantly provides valuable guidance, Hanna believes that working with Ramo especially helped her overcome shyness and become more accountable over the work she’s undertaking.

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