When Radha discovered she could turn her passion for tea into a profitable business, it wasn’t long until she grew her range of tea blends from Kenya to almost all over the world.

When they first started, this family business was pretty much spot on with all the admin and financing that goes behind the scenes, but as soon as both the business and the family grew, Radha soon realized it was time to grow the team as well for a more efficient flow of processes.

After her first consult with Ezy VA she realized she needed someone to not only do the leg work of manually adding products onto the CMS, but she also needed someone to manage her social media accounts, do the research, the copywriting for the website and also run her Infusion Soft campaigns as well.

It was then when she was introduced to Elaine, our “super helpful and hands-on” Virtual Assistant, as Radha describes her, that ticked all the boxes including “extremely organized, fast learner, follows instructions precisely and asks all the right questions”

Radha believes her experience with Ezy VA has been flawless from the first telephone call up until her everyday calls with Elaine and proudly admits she’s been recommending Ezy VA as an outsource solution to a couple of her business partners already.

What Elaine says…

Elaine is a really talented individual that aspires to someday manage a team of people that work internationally, so when the prospect of working with Radha was presented to her, to say she was excited would be an understatement.

Elaine explains that the first week was challenging because she needed to “understand the business, learn how Radha liked to work, what her objectives were and what the main tasks that had to be performed were”. But as soon as the projects and processes were clear, the working relationship between Radha and Elaine ran smoothly as Elaine had to “create content for social media, schedule posts for LinkedIn and Facebook, upload products through Magento, email podcasts on a weekly basis and also handle Infusion Soft campaigns”

Extremely pleased to work for Radha, Elaine reveals she feels like she’s part of the shift of growing the business, being a valued member of the team, constantly learning how to meet audience expectations on a global level.

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