Peter Lawson

Peter Lawson had an accounting practice for 22 years when he realised the need for accounting firms just as similar to his to cleverly strategize in order to attract and retain their ideal clients. And that’s why Bizz Connect Joint Ventures was formed 4 years ago. Peter understood the need for scaling for his business and see the bigger picture that so many entrepreneurs miss and decided to work with an offshore staff to help him with running and marketing his business.

Peter started working with our Virtual Assistant Alleana nearly 2.5 years ago and still says to this day “Alleana never lets me down. She’s an extremely quick learner, really efficient at performing all of her tasks, nothing is ever a problem, as she always gets things done”.

And the best thing out of all, Peter rated Alleana an 8 on a scale from 1 to 5!

We’re extremely happy to have been able to provide Peter with the right solution and staff for his company and we can only hope it gets bigger and better!

What Alleana says…

Not only Alleana is a star when it comes to performing the tasks, but from what she told us, Peter has been the best client she has ever worked for, hence why the working relationship has been so long. Alleana explained to us that when she came on board of BCJV she was extremely well trained by Peter and was explained where the role fits in and what the responsibilities were.

Alleana also mentioned “Peter is very easy to communicate with, he’s always open to suggestions and has our woking routine planned out to the last detail. I’ve learned so much from working with him, it taught me how to be flexible, but also respect my deadlines, how to always be open to innovations, and don’t give up until I found a solution to my problems.”

Last but not least, Alleana said she feels blessed to have been given the chance to work by Peter’s side, and described the job itself as being “truly wonderful”.

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