Paul Barrs

Paul Barrs has been in the business of internet marketing for 16 years providing various services such as web design and development, SEO, social media, analytics and optimizing conversions, and has done it so well that he then went into training other businesses how to raise their profiles online as well.

Being in the industry of helping businesses grow, Paul understood the power of smart delegation and how precious his time was and so, a little over a year ago, he decided to get in contact with us. That’s when he met Thea that according to Paul “Thea is so resourceful, I’m underutilizing her, there’s really no end to what she can assist with”.

Even though it’s mainly admin tasks she’s dealing with, Paul admits that he’s now saved 15 hrs a week that he can now use to pursue more contracts and hold more training sessions. “I find that I can do so much more for my clients, it’s made the difference in the world having Thea on my team, we really couldn’t handle all the workload without her help”.

What Thea says…

We are so happy to see that every time we talk to our staff about their clients, they almost instantly put a smile upon their faces. Thea was no exception when she told us “I’m so happy to be part of Paul’s team, he’s such a good teacher and mentor.”

Thea also told us she does various things for Paul, such as “sorting emails out, replying to relevant ones, social media posting for Paul and his clients, graphic design, Salesforce management, but also WordPress updating as well.” Thea admits it’s been a real learning curve for her, but Paul has been so helpful in explaining what needed to be done, by providing video explanations which she could revisit at any time if she was ever unclear of anything.

“I hope I can help Paul grow his business forever” Thea revealed to us, and we couldn’t be more excited to have such happy staff.

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