Natalie Ashdown

Natalie has been running her coaching business for nearly 13 years. She and her team are extremely talented at bringing people together and creating dynamic work environments that enable individuals to work successfully.

So it wasn’t of any surprise when Natalie understood the need to outsource some of her processes to increase productivity and efficiency within her company. After starting working with Aileen a couple of months ago, Natalie admits that the company’s workflow improved considerably, and the team now gets things done quicker.

Natalie revealed to us that delegating work to Aileen allows the team to do what they do best and puts less pressure on having to handle too many time consuming tasks at once.

We’re extremely happy we could assist The Open Door Coaching Group in managing their time better, and creating efficiency in the business and we’re looking forward to seeing where their outsourcing journey leads them next.

What Aileen says…

A breath of fresh air – is how Aileen describes working for Natalie and the team. Feeling like she’s working besides the team, and not for it, Aileen explains to us that the past couple of months of working with The Open Door Coaching Group have been extremely valuable and added even more weight to her skills portfolio. Assisting the team with Sensei WordPress plugin, InfusionSoft and other admin tasks, Aileen revealed that her induction to the client’s company and responsibilities has been very clear and thorough and easy to take over.

Being a Virtual Assistant not only requires to have a killer skill set, but to also have a very good relationship with your client which is what Aileen has with Natalie and the team. After only a brief time of working together, Aileen already feels like she’s more organised, pays extra attention to details and is very thorough and patient when following procedures.

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