Michael Williams

Dor2Dor is a leaflet distribution business based in Australia, which is part of a franchise company based in the UK. Its work load increased substantially as the company grew in direct proportion with the need to have systems in place in order to automate work flows.

The company director Michael Williams told us when we first discussed about their business that Dor2Dor was looking for a staff that was able to take ownership of the systems in a responsible and efficient way. Michael said this would free up management’s time, and help create a more self sustained business that didn’t need much involvement on his side once the systems were up and running. After trying out different outsourcing solutions, it was clear for Dor2Dor that EzyVA was the right option for them, due to the great support they received and the ease with which we found the right candidate for their business’ needs.

This is when Michael was introduced to Lee, which Michael couldn’t be more happy about: “She is lovely to work with. I’ve saved so much time and effort by simply delegating all my tasks to her. From managing the text from my workers, updating the map positions of the non-deliverables to updating DI, sending invoices, conversing with workers and much more, Lee takes initiative in everything she does, making my life 10 times easier.”

What Lee says…

“Working with Michael has been a rich learning experience from me from the very beginning” Lee has told us. “His software and systems were very new to me and I wanted to ensure I was doing a great job at all times.” Lee told us at first she was reluctant in her abilities to help the business but 1 year and 8 months later she looks back smiling. As part of her daily duties she handles database updates, communications with workers, updating software with new rounds assist with new applications and doing interviews, invoices and other admin tasks.

Working with Michael helped Lee not only excel in tasks she didn’t know how to perform before, but she also understood how to work in a multi cultural environment, for which Lee will be forever grateful.

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