Melissa East

Tyler Tolman through his company ‘Conscious Lifestyler’ is a well known authority & expert on natural health practices. Tyler provides a range of natural health products & retreats in Bali & Australia, especially promoting & supporting “fasting” & other traditional methods to bring people back to proper health to no longer rely on Western Medicine for ailments & diseases.

Tyler & the team at ‘Conscious Lifestyler’ have been working with Ezy VA for several years using staff for various roles such as Marketing, Bookkeeping & Tech Support. Their current full-time VA, ‘Elaine’ is a critical part of their business handling administrative tasks, Marketing, Social Media Management and a lot more.

Conscious Lifestyler Business Manager, ‘Melissa’ says: “Elaine has made our life so much easier. She came on board to help us with administration and she knows a lot so she came needing not much training. “She was also able to immediately have an understanding of how our business works which is really amazing!”

Melissa also says – “Ezy VA has taken away a lot of work and has freed up time for everyone to focus more on the main tasks. It has resulted to us being more productive and ensured that our quality of work is beyond expected standards! On top of that, Ezy VA has been really easy to deal with!”

Before hiring Elaine, Conscious Lifestyler had decided to hire another person to help them out. However at first they attempted to do it by themselves, meaning the recruitment, interview and all the admin paperwork were divided among them with the goal of getting the right person for the job. It turned out differently from what they had expected and they found themselves in a situation of not being able to hire the right person & Melissa having more work on their hands.

So turning back to Ezy VA, we were able to do all the hard work for Melissa in sourcing their new VA Elaine. Elaine has been screened & tested, she’s also managed & officially an employee of Ezy VA in Philippines, meaning Elaine has the mindset of being a long term asset to her client.

“EzyVA solved that problem for us, from the recruitment to the placement phase everything was handled effectively.” as explained by Melissa East.

What Elaine says…

“I am grateful for Melissa and the entire Conscious Lifestyle team for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills while continuously learning. I became more proactive and productive as they have a culture of appreciating all the hard work and keeping everyone involved that makes me feel like I am just working alongside the team! I will never get tired of making myself available for them when they need me, they are an awesome team to work with!”

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