Lyndi MacRae

Lyndi is a natural when it comes to building businesses and delegating work. She successfully managed her business until she reached a point where she wanted to do a better, quicker and more effective job. And that’s when she found Ezy VA.

She mentioned ‘I was up against getting everything done, coming up with ideas, implementing them, measuring them, whereas ever since Grace is in my life everything gets done on an email’s notice’

Lyndi explained that leverage for her has worked wonders. She’s able to deliver faster to her clients, and can focus more on the strategizing and consulting which she enjoys far more than the implementation. Even her clients noticed a change in her running her business, and love her new approach.

When asked about her VA, Lyndi revealed ‘I call Grace my angel all the time. I always make sure to show my gratitude towards her. I can panic quite easily in my work, whereas she’s just there keeping me calm assuring me i’m on the right track and helping me in the process. i literally could not run my business without her.’

Grace helps Lyndi with developing both her website and her clients’ websites. She’s also helped her grow her InfusionSoft campaigns and e-commerce platform.

As if praising Grace wasn’t enough, Lyndi has also said she’s had an amazing experience with Ezy VA overall: ‘I have so much security, I trust my business with you, and I know that if I ever encounter any issues, you will be there to help me go through it. I highly recommend Ezy VA to everybody i talk to. It’s more than business. it’s a family network, and I love Monty’s motivation, I love everything Ezy VA stands for.’

This is why we are in the business of outsourcing and growing businesses. Because of entrepreneurs like you Grace. Thank you!

What Grace says…

Grace has been working for Lyndi for over 2 years to date and admits that ‘working for Lyndi has been such a smooth process. She is very generous with providing me tutorials to tasks I am not familiar with. She is very approachable and we try to discuss tasks that are unclear and need clarification.’

Doing mostly backend tasks, Grace also does some admin work for Lyndi and her clients’ websites such as updating and creating landing pages. She revealed her skill set has improved considerably ever since working with Grace, getting much better at handling InfusionSoft, WordPress and Joomla.

Grace admits that in the past couple of years of working with Lyndi she’s learned to be patient and pay much more attention to details. There have been times when tasks were confusing but having formed such a great team, together with Lyndi they would find the perfect solution in no time.

‘She helped me open up which I rarely do. She is like a friend to me and I thank Lyndi for believing in me, and accepting me into her family so we can grow and learn together.’

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