Karen Yang

Karen is a strong believer in providing high quality services to her clients, so when she opened her business at www.yangstersparadise.com two years ago, she was committed to having flawless systems in place that would help her dedicate her time to helping her customers more. Being in the fashion industry meant that she needed to wear not only a creative and managerial hat on, but also deal with the admin, customer service and sales side of things as well.

So it didn’t come as a surprise that when she heard about the services Ezy VA provided, she never looked back since. “There was so much work on my plate and I was so focused on growing my business as well, that I just couldn’t find any more hours in the day to deal with all of them.”

When we asked Karen about her VA – Kath, we were pleased hear that “Kath has been very proactive, and people are happy that their enquiries are being dealt within a 48hr timeframe. It was taking me ages to reply to emails and that resulted in a lot of complaints, of which I now have none. Even though Kath started on a part-time position, her role is so diverse as she’s helping me with everything such as content writing, accounting, and social media.”

Karen also insisted on mentioning that compared to other outsourcing companies, she found Ezy VA has a very thorough recruitment process ”I was presented with 4 very realistic resumes, but the real surprise came when the recruitment manager suggested I should go with Kath based on a personality match as well, which I find to be very important, because when you work with someone, you work as a team, so actually having complementing personalities is very important, and I think that is such a clever thing to do on your end”.

What does Kath have to say

When asked how a regular day working with Karen is, Kath immediately responded “It’s such a pleasure working with Karen, she’s such an organised professional and I have so much clarity before starting any of my tasks. I know exactly what times I need to work, what I need to get done, and what we need to achieve at a very granular level.” Kath has helped Karen with a lot of email queries, admin work, but also with a couple of accounting tasks such as issuing invoices, and more recently with the management of her social media marketing.

Super excited to be part of Karen’s team, Kath told us she’s learned so much from Karen’s business, how commitment and passion can blend together into entrepreneurial magic, and how getting help at the right time, with the right things can make the entire difference when running a successful business.

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