Jessica Osbourne

virtual assistant testimonial

Jessica Osbourne has been part of the real estate industry for quite sometime before realizing that she wanted to establish her own real estate company and thus, ‘Josh Develop’ was born. The company mainly focuses on land sales and marketing but also covers building houses.

Much like everyone who starts their own business, Jessica faced the same challenges of being weighed down by menial tasks that took her focus away from growing the business.

Jessica said: “I initially learned about Ezy VA as I was following the Founder ‘Monty Hooke’ through social media, his content about growing businesses struck a chord with me. Ezy VA gave precious time back to me in order to focus more on the highest value activities where I can actually generate revenue & grow.”

Jessica also mentioned: “My VA’s name is Romwil, his work ethic is incredible! His tasks include creating newsletters, database management and some research. He is able to meet all deadlines and is very proactive because he does things with minimal up to no guidance at all.”

Here at ‘Ezy VA’, we treat each other as family much like we treat every client and their business as a child of our own. We make sure that we completely look after and support every client from the moment they decided to partner with us and as they take their journey towards scaling their business and achieving their goals.

“You guys are really easy to contact. You’re always there even if I message you all the time. You are responsive so there’s nothing too small or too big the requests. You make me feel wanted and welcome and you treat every inquiry like it’s a genuine inquiry and take it on board. The services and the process overall is very very good!” As happily stated by Jessica.

What Romwil says…

I felt like I’ve gone through a lot of positive changes with my client Jessica. I had a lot of challenges with how the client’s systems run initially but I took on the responsibility and gave my 100% commitment to help the growth of the client’s business. I was able to develop trust within my co-workers and managing my time properly. There was never a second that I didn’t feel part of the team. In return, with the help of Jessica & her team, my knowledge skills with various CRMs, applications & software. This experience certainly adds a lot of value because it helps me be up to date with the latest trends in technology which helps me in my career. I look forward to continuing working together long term with Jessica & her team.

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