Jeremy Tyree

Jeremy Tyree has been working in the telecommunications industry for several years as a high level executive with one of the main service providers in Australia. During that time, he realized that he wanted to overcome the challenges of consumers with service providers, with the goal of giving the power back to consumers and the knowledge as well as confidence with the services that they have with their providers.

As most startup entrepreneurs do, Jeremy initially did all the work himself in building ‘Reedify’ but through time he also was able to figure out that if he outsourced and taught employees the work he’s been doing, it would be more efficient to grow the team and the business. Before EzyVA, he was with a different outsourcing company, but was not able to build a systematic and efficient team to bring it all together.

Jeremy mentioned: “I knew Monty before and learned about EzyVA. Because of the system that EzyVA put in with the staff and management, it makes my job easier. I’ve worked with several other companies but the way you integrate your communications around the staff and back to the client is excellent.”

Jeremy also proudly added: “My VA’s name is Jonas. He has been by far the most – best worker i’ve put into the company due to the fact that he truly commits to his work and goes above and beyond even when he isn’t being asked to.”

Here at EzyVA, we ensure that the systems and processes in place are geared towards helping our clients’ business scale and become more successful. It is also a “Must” for us to look after and support our employees especially the new ones just like Jonas since it is important for us to make both the client and staff journey an invaluable one.

“If you think outsourcing does not have problems it does, but with companies such as EzyVA, they are able to turn those challenges into solutions and productivity”. As happily stated by Jeremy Tyree- Managing Director of Reedify

What Jonas says…

“When you come in to work everyday and you see your client motivated and passionate about the work that he’s doing, it makes you realize how grateful you are with the opportunity given to you. I am not treated as someone who just works for them, but as someone who makes a difference. Professionally I have learned to be more strategic with how to execute and look at the bigger picture. My analysis has improved greatly and I am having the working years of my life right now.”

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