Guus Goorts

Our client Guus – a true entrepreneur at heart, was already doing a great job with his language learning website in Singapore, that reached about 10,000 visitors a month. Working for himself taught him pretty much everything he now knows about marketing and growing businesses for the win and so decided to focus his attention towards helping other medium and large size businesses as well to excel at their marketing through AdWords strategies, Facebook marketing, banner advertising, etc.

Focused on selling results more than anything, Guus understood the importance of outsourcing in the very early stages of his entrepreneurial journey, but after working with various freelancers he soon realised he needed a system behind his growth, and invest time in training dedicated people who were looking to be part of his team long term.

“Having spent so much time in my business I found I knew all the systems inside out, but as my time was limited, I needed to start training people up to do it for me, and make sure they can carry on with the tasks and be committed to a full-time job and Ezy VA offered exactly that”. Guus is completely aware of how important the layers of management in outsourcing are as well “I looked for other providers prior to working with Ezy VA, but it still felt as if I was working on my own, as there were no Team Leaders to support me, and so I didn’t feel safe”

When asked about his working relationship with his Virtual Assistant – Jonard, Guus excitingly told us “he’s the most positive person I’ve ever worked with. It’s a joy to work with him as he’s very receptive and follows instructions perfectly. I find that we are both on a learning curve to making our systems work flawlessly, but it’s very easy to build upon it and plan for the future.” Guus also insisted on mentioning “Jonard is very reliable and punctual and because of him and the rest of the team at Ezy VA I would warmly recommend your services to whoever I see fit for outsourcing.”

What Jonard says…

An enthusiastic, hard-working individual, we saw straight away the potential Jonard had ever since we brought him into the Ezy VA family. After starting working with Guus, Jonard has been constantly thrilled with the level of work he was asked to do and believes his job is “Absolutely wonderful. I get to use both my creative and organising skills and it’s really helping me get efficient.” When asked how working with Guus feels like Jonard happily replied “Guus is more of a leader than a boss. His instructions are very clear, and we’ve both learned to break down the tasks into bite size pieces and attack them individually for maximum efficiency. Guus is helping me understand his business by sending me helpful screenshots and recording videos of what needs doing. He is hat off – the best employer I’ve ever had”.

Quite the successful story, and we’re thrilled we were able to help both Guus and Jonard build this prosperous relationship that will hopefully lead to an even more powerful business.

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