Drew Grosskreutz

Otium Group was a 5 staff business when they met EzyVA. Drew, the CEO, remembers the company had very little in the way of processes and the core staff were caught up doing multiple roles.

10 months after deciding to jump on board and have Luisa as their Virtual Assistant, Drew Grosskreutz admits that as a result “We are now the leading SMSF Property Advice Company in Queensland, have grown our internal staff to over 20”.

In what the process of working together was concerned Drew observed that “From the get-go, Ezy VA have been strategically helping us by putting in support staff for the key personnel in head office in Australia. Our support staff assists with data entry, application processing, research, following up required documents from clients & much more. On some processes we have been able to save as much 70% on labor costs which frees up resources to ensure we can focus on our clients, and bringing in new business.”

We were so pleased to hear that Otium Group now manage to cover the work of a normal 30 person internal business through having utilized the virtual staff and systems through Ezy VA.

What Luisa says…

When asked how working for Otium Group feels like, Luisa excitingly let us know that the work flows naturally, and it’s very pleasant to deal with all the tasks the client is providing.

Covering the research calls side of things, their client’s superannuation and insurance details, but also their Salesforce account, Luisa feels like the company is her baby now, after being made to feel like one of the team.

When asked whether Otium has had an impact on her life in any way, Luisa without hesitation said “I learned so much about work ethic, time management and last, but not least, how to be extremely professional. My confidence has massively increased, as well, I feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with such wonderful people, that believe in me and gave me the chance to be part of their family.”

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