Donna Meredith

Live It Up 360 is a full life and business perspective coaching, mentoring and development company that helps businesses grow their teams, but also supports them on performance tracking, strategy development and consciousness.

CEO – Donna Meredith, has been successfully running her business for 9 years now and being able to easily identify her strengths and weaknesses due to the nature of the industry she’s working in, she soon realised she needed support on providing flawless customer service to her clients. So that’s when she decided to outsource offshore with EzyVA. Her team quickly started to work on her clients accounts, but also helped her with the everyday running of her business as well.

Our client explained her reason for outsourcing with EzyVA was that she was looking for ‘constant support to enable me to serve my clients better and to also leverage my time more effectively so I can focus on the high value activities. I found that EzyVA had a pool of very talented individuals that weren’t just very good at their job, but they were also very happy to work with me everyday. That gave even more enthusiasm to do my job and to give them more responsibilities as well’

Donna’s team handles her social media accounts, database management, does the necessary research, but also transcripts, email sorting, client appointment, organising calendar, sorting tasks and workflows and so forth. ‘It’s pretty much a virtual office’ Donna explains, ‘my staff have always provided me with a five star service, they’re really good communicators, super capable and responsive.’

What The Team Says…

‘Donna is a great person to work with. She has a fun and uplifting personality and once you talk to her, you can’t help but feel inspired and relaxed in the same time. She is helping so many people with her business and we feel honoured to be able to help her even in the smallest of ways.’ Donna’s team explained.

The staff feel like they bring so much to the table, as they have been involved in the business flows every step of the way. ‘She is very specific about the way she wants things done and that has helped us tremendously in perfecting our eye for detail’ the team told us.

Mylene, one of Donna’s team, told us she’s been appointed as the ‘customer happiness warrior’ and it was only when she joined the Live It Up 360 team that she understood the importance of clear instructions. ‘I understood while working for Donna to ask the right questions and how to be a critical thinker’

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