Craig Stephens

Craig Stephens is a performance coach at and his ideology is to help professionals better themselves and excel at their work. Being a solopreneur, Craig understood the importance of delivering to clients in a timely manner, going to networking events and always reinventing the business to suit his clients’ needs. It seemed that Craig was pushing all the right buttons in signing up clients, it was only when he needed to actually get the ball rolling with all the admin and marketing work that he found he was wasting too much time.

“I found that I was very good at dedicating my time to my clients, but the other side of my business, which actually required even more time on my end was completely neglected. That’s how I got to work with Gemmie. She gives me peace of mind knowing she has my back when it comes to all the admin and marketing side of things. It helped me tremendously to get more organised and focus on what I need to do first.“

Craig explained to us how important communication between the client and the VA is, as he spent considerable amounts of time in training Gemmie, and teaching her what the core values of the business are.

What Gemmie says…

“Craig was my first client at Ezy VA. I remember as if it was yesterday how incredibly excited I was to start working on his business especially because I was passionate about coaching and helping people be the best version of themselves.”

Needless to say, Gemmie is a fan of Craig’s work, as is usually happens with our VAs and their clients. Gemmie excitingly told us what she does for Craig “message prospects on LinkedIn, social media postings, creating content for his website, research resources for his weekly blogs. We have also worked together on his ebook, references, content etc.”

Gemmie believes she has learned a lot about value performance since working with Craig and she’s actually considering going back to studying and become a 6 sigma brand like him.

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