Claire Grlj

Claire Grlj has been in the marketing consultancy business for over three and half years. Of course, like any successful marketer, she quickly found herself in the position of having a large volume of work being thrown at her, and it all needed to be done under tight deadlines in order to meet her clients’ expectations.

Having heard about the Ezy VA services over two years ago, she only decided to make use of our services nearly a year ago, when client communications were beginning to take priority over admin tasks and all the other time consuming work. And so she was introduced to Lee, her part time VA that according to Claire, ‘has been nothing short of amazing’. Lee has helped Claire to manage tons of graphic design tasks, video and website updates, research, support for communications and management for a regular event Claire is holding, documents handling, social media updates, and a whole lot of things that have simply made Claire’s life so much easier.

Excitingly letting us know she will definitely recommend us to all her friends and family, Claire assures her she will continue using our services, including our dream team for her future projects, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to assist her.

What Lee says…

Feeling like she’s been with the business since day one, Lee has only praises to say about her relationship with Claire. After almost one year of assisting Claire with all the required tasks, Lee feels like: “It’s very easy to work with Claire. Even though she’s very busy, she still makes sure to provide the best guidance, and briefing, as communication is key in our relationship. Her deadlines are always realistic and her projects are super enjoyable to work on. I’ve been really lucky to have only amazing clients to work for, and Claire is definitely one of them.”

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