Brad Williams

Brad Williams, an expert in Occupational Therapy started his business much like everybody else, because he wanted freedom & to make his own rules. Of course as a solo operator, Brad was doing everything, & soon with growth it became too much. When Brad first came to us, one of his major bottlenecks was the marketing, social media & lead generation.

Brad said: “Ezy VA was recommended by my business coach and I got the chance to talk to Monty to discuss my needs. Monty helped me “unpack” the tasks & figure out the lowest hanging fruit to delegate. We came up with a very accurate job description which helped amazingly in making sure we hired the right staff. The process Monty & the team took me through may it super easy & clear for me how this would work.”

Brad also added: “My VA’s name is Franz. She is amazing as she adapted easily to the workload. The way she took over all of the social media marketing, facebook and LinkedIN sites was really great. I love the fact that Social Media has been fantastic and consistently done just the way I want it.”

Here at Ezy VA, we have a heavy focus on supporting the clients in their business to help them scale. It doesn’t matter the size of business, we’ve had clients like Brad start at 1 staff & grow to fifteen. It’s our objective to help you grow. The more you win, the more we win. Franz has been a long term loyal staff having been with us for close to 4 years. Brad lucked out in getting Franz.

“Dealing with Ezy VA has been very easy and in fact, I have already recommended you guys. I told my friends that I am using an overseas VA and a lot of them are asking how the process is and I explained how it positively affected my business. I find the value for money is outstanding and the professionalism that goes with it is really good too.” As explained proudly by Brad Williams – CEO of Williams Occupational Therapy.

What Franz says…

“It’s a real pleasure to work with Brad. Since day 1 he’s treated me as a part of his team & sees me as an important part of his business. I love that. He has taught me everything that I needed to know about his business, how it works and its purpose which has motivated me more since the aim is to help people with disabilities get their lives back on track. I am grateful not just because of the learning I get, but knowing that I also help make a difference in other people’s lives makes my work more worthwhile. I look forward to helping Brad long into the future.”

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