Angela Zimmerman

Angela Zimmerman had started for 9 months when she decided to ask Ezy VA for help to take her coachingbusiness to the next level. Needing help in creating a clearer message for her clients and developing a stronger marketing plan, Angie signed up to our VA – Franz’s services after weighting in if this was something she wanted to get involved in or not.

Three months later Angie is now referring to Franz as her ‘mind-reader’, and that she couldn’t see running her business without Franz standing by her side. We were so excited to speak with Angie about her Ezy VA experience especially since we’ve heard so many great things about her relationship with Franz. When asked to describe Franz in a couple of words, without hesitation Angie replied: “She understands my business and she’s very proactive and organized, it’s like the more work you give her the more she likes it. Franz is incredibly creative and she’s also very good with time. Everything she does she does it well and I couldn’t be happier with the level of her service. Definitely a 5 star service!”

What Franz says…

Excited about Angie’s business, Franz was very happy to describe how working with Angie feels like: “When we started working together, we got along perfectly from day one – we shared the same opinions, we worked together to find solutions, and it felt more like working as partners than just me working as a VA for my client. Angela is a pleasure to work with, and as her visions for her business are now shifting to a different and bigger direction I am positive that she can achieve anything she wants with the right team by her side. I would definitely position Angie on the top of my favourite clients to work for!”

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