Aaron Dunn

One of Australia’s leading educators in the financial sector, Aaron Dunn, was looking at clever ways to grow his business by promoting his educational tools and systems through his monthly webinars. Spending serious amounts of time in the preparation of the monthly sessions, Aaron identified the need of having a Virtual Assistant supporting him after researching this solution thoroughly through LinkedIn.

“We needed someone to help us deliver a product that needed time and attention to promote, set the campaigns up via email and social media, but also follow up with prospects after each event. Liez ticked all my requirements’ boxes, as she was skilled not only in admin and social media, but also SEO and content writing.”

When asked how the process of working together with Liez is, Aaron said “Super smooth. Working with Liez has taught me how to be very precise and clear with what I want from my business. We have regular catch-ups, and I consider her to be a vital part of the process of growing my business. I’m really pleased, we have been on this journey together for over a year now, and I can definitely see how the processes have been accelerated ever since Liez joined my team. Since having Liez as my sidekick, I’ve been able to free up my time to focus on expand & growing the business”.

What Liez says…

Having been with Ezy VA for over a year, Liez has identified Aaron as the easiest client to work with as he “gives very specific instructions, is very organized, and knows how to appreciate good work by giving constructive feedback.”

Liez told us she feels like she is one of the team and was really happy when Aaaron introduced her to all the members of his business. When asked what she assists Aaron in his business with, Liez told us she’s “helping with the promotion of his monthly webinars by creating landing pages of the events, managing the registration forms, posting of the social media, and also dealing with the post webinar activities such as creating content, adding information, editing and uploading videos on website, and managing his InfusionSoft account”. Liez has expressed how much she feels she’s learned after starting working with Aaron and is very excited to see what the future holds for his business.

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