Small Business (6-25 Staff)

Scaling and Profit

Scaling your business towards twenty staff and beyond has an unique set of challenges. It’s a paradoxical time where even if you see success in growth, the money goes straight back out the door on new staff. Then on top of that, you need new layers of management, which you didn’t previously need. You kinda need them, but you can’t justify paying for it. You then need new technology and systems to run the staff and management, which is more money you need to spend. Then you probably need an IT department to keep it all online. Maybe or maybe not, but one way or another, this paints the picture of the typical small business landscape andits challenges.

Helping businesses navigate these phases is what we love. It’s our expertise, so you are in the right place.

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Why Build A Permanent Offshore Team?

If you are reading this, then we don’t need to sell you on the importance of building your talented team. What we probably need to sell you on though, is why you should do it offshore.

First things first, as the CEO, Director or Manager, it’s probably your job to make money for the business. So thinking of the bottom line, whilst it may not be everything, it is definitely of major consideration. One of the biggest benefits of hiring offshore is the ability to save money on staffing resources. For our clients in Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and The USA, we’re typically saving on average between 50-70% on labour costs for those specific roles we’ve hired for.

That being said, we aren’t all about hiring offshore. Our philosophy is that you should hire locally and offshore. Use the offshore team to do the lower-end support activities and hire locally for the high-end mission critical roles. As an example, a Wealth Creation Company in Queensland Australia, ‘Otium Group’, has twenty local staff in their Australian office and only two offshore staff with us in The Philippines. When they started though, they only had ten local staff, engaging the two offshore staff has only helped them scale. Read more on their story here.

Besides the potential opportunity for cost savings and supporting your most important local team to keep them working on the highest value activities, there are several other benefits to hiring offshore, including:

  • Access To Talent – In many cases, even without the cost considerations, there are many roles where you can potentially find equal or better talent in The Philippines than you might find in the more expensive western developed nations.
  • Easier Employment Terms – One of the difficulties for SME’s can be the challenges associated with complex and often expensive rules within the labour laws of the residing country. When you engage staff through us in The Philippines, we take care of all the complexities, meaning you don’t need to handle Human Resources issues and worry about extra costs like employer contribution superannuation or pension funds. We take care of all of that.
  • Lower Operating Costs And Less Admin – The price we charge you is a final price, which includes paying the staff, all their benefits, office, internet etc. So not only will you save money on not having to pay higher costs in your country, but you don’t have to worry about the administration of paying these expenses either.

First Steps

At Ezy VA, we are very hands on with the strategy, consultation and the onboarding. Our greatest value once we get the opportunity to work closely with you is that we help you co-create your plan for scaling using offshore staff. You are experts in what you do, and we are experts in building offshore teams and making sure they integrate into your current operation. Together, we make magic happen!

The first step is for us to do a “deep dive” into your staffing needs. You have probably prepared your requirements and a detailed job description, which is great. We want to look into that, make sure what you have in mind is going to work offshore and create the pathway for this to work as seamless as possible.

In this free consultation, we will also explain exactly how it works with contracts, payments, onboarding, training, ongoing support and what to expect during the recruitment process. For a brief rundown of the full process, click here.

Building Your High Performance Remote Team

For us it doesn’t end when we’ve successfully fulfilled on resourcing your first offshore role/s. In fact, it’s only just begun. We are driven by a culture of “high performance remote teams”. Essentially, we become your offshore office and we are there with you to help you scale your business.

Every staff member that we put in place has what we call a ‘T-PAM’ (Team Performance Account Manager). The T-PAM is your point of contact whenever you need. A specially trained Manager, who undergoes regular Leadership training, to be the conduit between you and your staff and to make sure everyone is high performing – Including you and your team. In effect, we are operating like that of a much bigger high performing company and you are plugging into that and also reaping the rewards.

The Ezy VA team and your staff within it are all working inside a high performance culture where staff are fostered and rewarded to have long term relationships with you as the client. As a company we have very strong values and vision, driven by our love of working with SME’s – starting small and growing big. We make our money from the long-term relationship and helping you scale, so it’s what we do best.

For an idea on what roles you can offshore, click here.