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by | Oct 13, 2017


Google Adwords Manager

Tell us about your job?

I’m doing SEO Social media marketing, and google adwords management for my client’s company. We really need to bump up our campaign for our clients to get noticed by their audience.

What are the tasks you do in your job?

It varies from onpage and offpage optimization, occasionally I do content writing as well. The big chunk of the work is with google adwords management and its execution, the ad copies, the optimization of the adwords and the likes.

Are you enjoying what you’re doing for the client?

Yes! Very Much! No amount of money can buy the feeling of knowing your campaign has been successful and converting sales, all the efforts that you have inserted in your campaign was all worth it. Knowing that your clients are growing and happy especially our SME clients with Crystal Marketing. Being part of their success means a lot to me and it is something very special for me and that is what keeps me going every single day.

What is it about your job that you enjoy most?

It’s about the feeling of making your clients grow and convert their leads into sales. No monetary amount can equate to that feeling when you see that you were able to help your clients, for me, it’s something very special. I don’t know how to describe it but when you see their faces when we do our meeting in skype, they’re very happy and nothing can compare to that.

What do you love about your client? Tell us about them

Guus Goorts is very collaborative. He shares his knowledge with regards to google adwords management. Cause really, you really don’t know it all, right? So you ask some learnings to your superior just like Guus Goorts, he is the master of google adwords and other PPC methodologists so that’s why we share our knowledge between the two of us. I share my strengths to him, he also shares his knowledge to me so it’s a give and take process and when we go about an issue, it’s an easy fix already because we understand each other and we attack the issues together

Describe yourself in 3 words.

The 3 words that comes in my mind – Love my work! Haha! Kidding aside, it’s LEADER, PASSIONATE and PROGRESSIVE because I’m really a progressive guy. I think out of the box, I experiment and I don’t stay in just one place. I experiment a lot and explore things on how to go about my campaign effectively.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

I’m a really good singer! I do know how to sing but seriously speaking, I’m a Catch Wrestler and Muay Thai athlete. I have competed in a Muay Thai game before during my younger years.

What is your greatest fear?

Cockroaches! But aside from that, my greatest fear is dying. You know it’s inevitable and you really don’t know what will happen tomorrow and that’s why I kept on asking our creator for mercy and a longer life to spend with my family.

What do you do in your spare time? Tell us about your hobbies & passions.

During my spare time I normally engage in some physical activities such as Muay Thai and Wrestling. Before I used to attend up to 3 sessions per week but right now I am not that active and I just do it once a week. Another thing that I do whenever I am not working for my client is that I help manage and supervise a small shop that we were able to put up to support family income. I do this around the weekend most of the time.

Where is the one place in the world you’d love to travel to & why?

I would like to visit Jerusalem, this is my dream, I’ve wanted to see and kiss the holy grounds of Jerusalem where our Lord, Jesus Christ, was born and see what it looks like physically and feel the surroundings, etc.

What is your message to humanity to make the world a better place?

As the Beatles say, all you need is love and love of God is the greatest thing that we can have. I believe that the holy God can give us the perfect world but we as humans can make Earth a better place to live in through the guidance and help of our God, the Father and his son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, so that’s my take on that.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m good! I just wanted to thank you guys for giving me this opportunity to work with you and my client Guus Goorts. And it has been a great pleasure to work with you guys. I owe this to you and may God, the Father and his son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit give us more blessings and strength to endure the challenges of life.

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