Payment Terms, Conditions & Refund Policy

Dedicated Staffing Services

  1. Cancellation – We require minimum 4 weeks notice of cancellation.
  2. Bond – For all staff, we require equivalent to between 2-3 weeks salary (40 hours per week) held as a refundable security bond in case of non payment (we are required by law to continue paying the staff should you default). This bond is to either be refunded at end of contract or used as payment.
  3. Annual Leave – Employment terms include you paying for the staff for 52 weeks of the year. Inside this period, the staff is entitled to annual leave according to Philippines law (5 days sick leave, 5-10 days holiday leave).
  4. Extra Holidays – Any further holidays requested from you outside of their standard annual leave must be paid for (example if you ask them to take an extra 2 weeks leave for Christmas on top of their standard 1 week).
  5. Unless arranged otherwise, there is a recruitment fee on all successful dedicated staff placements. In the event of not proceeding, this fee will only be refunded if we have been unsuccessful in providing you with suitable candidates. If we have provided you with candidates, and your circumstances change and you decide not proceed, this fee is non-refundable.
  6. The staff must be offered 3 official warnings before being dismissed. We have a standard protocol that must be followed. If the staff is dismissed we will replace them with no penalty or loss in hours to you.
  7. Ezy VA handles hours log & accounting from our side only. Under no circumstances can clients use their own tracking software or hours logging systems or devices of any kind for the official logging of hours. If you wish to use your own tracking software or hours logging system, this will be deemed as separate & can in no way ever be used as offical timekeeping for Ezy VA staff logs. If there is a discrepancy between your own system & Ezy VA’s official system, only the system of Ezy VA is valid.
  8. Any extra costs associated with software, call costs, Skype, extra hardware will be covered by the client.
  9. All staff will sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” to protect the privacy of your information.
  10. We have a legally binding clause protecting us in the case of staff poaching, by means of a 6 month penalty.
  11. Services will be immediately cancelled in the event of non payment.
  12. You will be required to sign a contract agreeing to the terms before proceeding.

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