Payment Terms, Conditions & Refund Policy

Dream Team Services (Also known as “Pay As You Go” Services)

  1. Hours are bought in blocks of forty (40) at a time in advance. When hours reach eight (8) or below, you agree to be invoiced by and make payment to Ezy VA (also known as ‘Mont Fox Enterprises’ hereafter may be referred to as “we”) to continue work beyond that 40 hours. If you have signed up for credit card auto-renewal, you agree to allow to EzyVA to charge you credit card at the time hours are at eight (8) or below.
  2. When choosing the Permanent Part Time or Permanent Full Time option, you (the customer) agree to make payment for the minimum 3 month term. If your credit card payment fails or is rejected by our merchant facility, or your Paypal subscription is cancelled or dishonoured, you agree to continue to make payment at least until the end of the first three (3) months. ‘Ezy VA’ reserves the right to pursue the client for any losses, should payment not be made as per this agreed 3 month contract.
  3. You agree that ‘EzyVA’ do not and will not give hours in advance without payment first under any circumstances. ‘EzyVA’ is designed as ongoing support system for clients and requires the purchase of blocks of minimum 40 hours for work to continue should your hours run out. We do not offer the purchase of services by any other means unless we offer you project based terms on a website or video project. It is at our discretion what we do and do not offer on project basis.
  4. You agree that hours are sold in minimum blocks of 40 hours. Refunds will not be given if you choose not to use these hours. If you wish to cancel your account or request cancellation of a contract, the remaining balance of the current 40 hours will not be refunded.
  5. You agree that certain projects or tasks may incur a higher fee than the standard hourly rate. If a task or project will incur this higher rate, you will be notified prior to proceeding. These surcharge rates can be found at by viewing the “Tier 2, 3 & 4 Services” section. We will never charge you a higher rate without your prior knowledge and written consent to proceeding with the task or project.
  6. You agree to allow ‘EzyVA’ to set up a profile in your name on our project management system hosted on
  7. You agree to use our system of communication and file transfer on for all tasks and discussions with the Ezy VA team. This system is put in place to protect you and your information, and to make sure communication and files do not go missing. If you use outside channels such as Skype, instant messenger or email, ‘EzyVA’ will not accept any responsibility for mismanaged or lost communication or files between you and your Project Manager or staff member when using these outside communication channels.
  8. In the case were you are designated a dedicated Virtual Assistant by us to manage tasks outside of our Basecamp system, you are 100% solely responsible for this communication. ‘Ezy Outsourcing & Business Consulting’ will not and cannot be held responsible for missing data, files, emails or information between you and your Virtual Assistant.
  9. There is a minimum flagfall charge of at least 30 minutes per task. Any task allocated which is under 30 minutes, will be charged at 30 minutes.
  10. Our staff work around the clock to complete tasks and will attend to and completed efficiently, however we do not guarantee the availability of times for staff unless you a hire a designated “Dedicated Staff” member for set hours on which you will need to have a permanent contract arrangement.
  11. ‘EzyVA’ support staff are online for supporting clients between 8:30:am AEST and 7:00pm AEST Monday to Friday, and 10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturdays. Staff may be online outside of these hours and Project Managers and staff will attend to tasks outside of these hours, but we do not guarantee immediate reply of correspondence outside of these set hours.
  12. It is understood that National Holidays in the Philippines may cause delays to correspondence and tasks. You will be notified in your Basecamp account of upcoming holiday periods that may affect your work.
  13. ‘EzyVA’ accept no responsibility for delays in correspondence or tasks being completed for reasons outside of our control including natural disasters and weather conditions that may cause loss of power or internet.
  14. You agree to accept 100% responsibility any and all legal actions taken against you due to the content or nature of material or works represented by your agent. ‘EzyVA’, ‘Mont Fox Enterprises’, or any of its staff cannot and will not under any circumstance be held accountable for any material, products, services or representations completed by the agent on your behalf.
  15. ‘Ezy VA’ will not and can not be held responsible for losses caused due to you not meeting your deadline obligations. Ezy VA offers very quick service and turnaround times on completing tasks, but you must be responsible for logging tasks with enough time in advance for completion of the task.
  16. ‘EzyVA’ reserves the right to cancel your services at any time.
  17. Due to the nature of international exchange rates and costs associated with our staffing, ‘EzyVA’reserve the right to change prices with two (2) weeks warning to you as the customer. ‘EzyVA’ cannot and will not raise prices during the first two (2) months of a subscription period.
  18. ‘EzyVA’ will keep your content private and will never share your information, ideas or intellectual property with anyone. If you wish to have any staff sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement”, the agent is required to do so.
  19. Your “Dream Team” account will be deactivated after six (6) months of non-use, and all credits will be forfeited. The client is 100% responsible for monitoring this time and all responsibilities lie with the client to keep their account open and activated.

Refund & “Money Back Guarantee” Policy

  1. You agree that hours are sold in minimum blocks of 40 hours. Refunds will not be given if you choose not to use these hours. If you wish to cancel your account or request cancellation of a contract, the remaining balance of the current 40 hours will not be refunded.
  2. If your account is closed and forfeited for non-use after six months, you will not be refunded any remaining credits.
  3. In the case of disputes for amount of time worked on tasks, refunds cannot be given on hours worked that have been approved by you. (We keep records of all communication)
  4. We can reimburse for hours worked if it is agreed by management that these hours have been done ineffectively or taken too long. An investigation will be launched, and as the client, you must provide evidence that hours have been wasted or misused. This investigation must be launched within one month of the said hours being investigated. Anything after one month is deemed as now being accepted & can no longer be investigated.
  5. Ezy VA handles hours log & accounting from our side only. Under no circumstances can clients use their own tracking software or hours logging systems or devices of any kind for the official logging of hours. If you wish to use your own tracking software or hours logging system, this will be deemed as separate & can in no way ever be used as offical timekeeping for Ezy VA staff logs. If there is a discrepancy between your own system & Ezy VA’s official system, only the system of Ezy VA is valid.
  6. The only time we offer a refund on money paid is for our “Money Back Guarantee”. This guarantee allows you as the client to trial work for up to a maximum of 10 hours with the following conditions: A) If you worked 10 or less hours and you are not satisfied in any way with the service, you may formally request a refund by email to [email protected]. B) This request must be received by us inside the first twenty one (21) days from your initial payment. After 21 days, this guarantee expires and you will not be able to claim the refund. C) This guarantee or refund does not apply if your account has more than 10 (ten) hours logged at your account. Records for your running total of hours are kept at your online account where you always have access, it is your responsibility to ensure your hours do not exceed 10 (ten) to be able to make this claim. D) If your request for a refund is successful, we will reimburse the entire amount of your original invoice including the account set up fee. This refund will be paid back by the original payment method.