Ezy VA is your offshore staffing partner. We take care of everything for you from start to finish, then we stay with you as “Co-Managers” long term to ensure the success of your staff & to help you grow your business.

1. Free Consultation & Needs Analysis

Talk with one of our experts who will help you “unpack” your business and determine exactly what can be outsourced to a dedicated virtual staff member, and how to go about building your virtual team.

2. Find Suitable Candidates

Once we have determined exactly what is required for your new staff member/s, our recruitment department will find up to 20 suitable applicants with the right skills, experience and personality to match your business.

3. Screening & Testing

Our recruitment process includes stringent testing and screening. All applicants are required to do written and/or spoken English language tests, aptitude tests and skills test. Then on top of that, we make them jump through hoops to determine how eager they are. Once all that is done, we give them a score and filter all the candidates down to what is usually the 3 best candidates.

4. Interviews

Once we have found the best candidates, we will send you the files and CV’s for approval. At that stage, we will arrange with you a suitable time for interviews. This is all done online, and we will be with you there to guide the interviews. 95% of the time, one of these applicants is chosen to proceed to work with the client.

5. Agreements

We take care of everything including agreements and non-disclosure documents with the new staff. We make it super easy for you. You don’t have to worry about payroll, superannuation or staff taxes, you just pay our invoice as if you were buying office stationary, and we take care of the rest.

6. Onboarding & Training

Between you, your team & your new staff & their Team Leader in Philippines, we will conduct a thorough induction process to get the staff up to speed & as productive as possible.

7. Start

With all systems set & channels of communication open, the Team Leader will work closely with you to ensure operations are as smooth & seamless as possible.

8. Ongoing Support

We have a vested interest in seeing the long term success of your offshore team. You’ll have access to your dedicated point of contact in Philippines, & we’ll be regularly checking in with you from head office on a business level to be constantly seeing how we can improve & grow your team.