Our pricing works on a very simple model that is an all inclusive hourly rate of the staff. Below is the table that explains the services included & the cost of setup to get started on each staff. After the recruitment & setup phase, you will be asked to pay a Refundable Security Bond amount equal to 3 or 4 weeks of service. Moving forward, you will only pay for the ongoing salaries of your staff on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Pricing Comparison

Australia Average:
Basic salary only, does not yet include extra costs including office, equipment, superannuation, staff benefits etc

Our Price (average)
This amount is fully inclusive, you pay nothing else on top. We cover the cost of office, internet, equipment, government obligations & we also pay health insurance & 13th month salary (yearly bonus).

Administration / Business Services Support

Job PositionAustralia AverageOur Price (average)SavingCandidates
Data Entry Specialist$50,000$19,00062%Apply Now
Database Administrator$65,000$20,50068%Apply Now
Customer Support$50,000$19,00062%Apply Now
Virtual Assistant$55,000$21,00062%Apply Now
Executive Virtual Assistant$65,000$22,50065%Apply Now
Project Manager$70,000$24,00066%Apply Now
Legal Assistant$65,000$20,00069%Apply Now
Legal or Medical Transcriptionist$65,000$19,50070%Apply Now

Call Centre

Job PositionAustralia AverageOur Price (average)SavingCandidates
Call Centre/Help Desk$50,000$19,00062%Apply Now
Appointment Setting$50,000$19,00062%Apply Now
Telemarketer$50,000$20,00060%Apply Now
Technical Support$55,000$21,00062%Apply Now
Account Manager$60,000$21,50064%Apply Now
Team Leader$70,000$24,00066%Apply Now

Sales and Marketing

Job PositionAustralia AverageOur Price (average)SavingCandidates
Blogger and Article Writer$60,000$24,00060%Apply Now
Lead Generation Specialist$60,000$19,00068%Apply Now
Marketing Assistant$60,000$22,00063%Apply Now
SEO$60,000$20,50066%Apply Now
Social Media Assistant$60,000$21,00065%Apply Now
Digital Content Curator$60,000$24,00060%Apply Now

Web & Technical

Job PositionAustralia AverageOur Price (average)SavingCandidates
Technical Virtual Assistant$65,000$22,50065%Apply Now
E-Commerce Assistant$55,000$21,00062%Apply Now
Mobile Apps Developer (IOS & Android)$115,000$44,00062%Apply Now
Quality Assurance Analyst$75,000$32,00057%Apply Now
Software Tester$75,000$32,00057%Apply Now
Sofware Engineer C# / .net / PHP$100,000$40,00060%Apply Now
Systems Administrator$100,000$40,00060%Apply Now
Web Designer$90,000$28,00069%Apply Now
Web Developer$95,000$28,00071%Apply Now
Graphic Artist$65,000$21,00068%Apply Now
Photo Editor / Photoshop$70,000$22,00069%Apply Now
Draftsman$75,000$24,00068%Apply Now
Engineer (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical)$90,000$28,00069%Apply Now

Finance and Accounting

Job PositionAustralia AverageOur Price (average)SavingCandidates
Accountant$80,000$28,00065%Apply Now
Bookkeeper$60,000$22,50063%Apply Now
Accounts Receivable / Payable$55,000$22,00060%Apply Now
Paraplanner$60,000$21,00065%Apply Now