Data Protection Policies

  1. Protos Ezy VA (Philippines) or any of its staff does not hold, store or review any data owned by its clients. It is recommended at all times that your contracted staff should be given access to data, files, documents, software etc through cloud based platforms in which access passwords are controlled by you.
  2. If in the case data is stored locally on computers within our office, Protos Ezy VA has strict policies in place to prevent that data being copied. Under no circumstances, except with your written email consent to staff & managers, are staff allowed to copy files onto portable drives, thumb drives or personal online storage systems like Dropbox, Google Drive or any other. Any such breach is considered to be an offence that requires instant termination of your staff.
  3. Staff are not permitted to bring cameras or mobile recording devices including smartphones to their desks.
  4. It is recommended that the client provide their own project management tool in which the contracted staff has access granted. No other staff or Manager at Protos Ezy VA should not be given access.
  5. If in the event you & your staff choose to use our in-house Project Management Tool given to you at the time of setup, this data will be kept under our account ownership. This data belongs to you and you can delete this information or files at any time either by logging in and deleting, or contacting us to delete on your behalf. Protos Ezy VA will always oblige in deleting any data help either on software owned or controlled by us, or on our local storage.
  6. If in the case that the staff is required to be operating under local laws to your country for the protection of data (as in the case of Financial Data Protection), it is recommended that a private server or remote access system is established. At minimum, this requires a computer set up locally by you in your country office, and a software program such as ‘Team Viewer’ is used by the staff working from our office to access data not from the cloud, but routed through the computer at your end. This in effect means data is not being access from the Philippines, except by law it is deemed as being accessed locally from your country. If in the case you choose not to use one of the secure remote access methods, Protos Ezy VA cannot & will not be held liable for any ramifications, penalties or damages resulted by your staff accessing data from another country. It is your responsibility to understand these laws & set up your staff to act within them.
  7. All measure will be taken by Protos Ezy VA to support any means possible to ensure you are operating securely & legally.
  8. Protos Ezy VA does thorough background checks and police checks on all staff before hiring & contracting to work with you.
  9. Staff working from our office are monitored on CCTV.
  10. Staff should never be granted permission to access data, files or software unless working from our secure office location
  11. Unless requested by you in writing, staff are required to run a background software on their computers called Time Doctor which monitors their screen & keystrokes. The software does regular recording or screenshots which can be accessed by management.
  12. If in the case you wish to mount an investigation on your staff, this must be organised by your Team Account Manager. Protos Ezy VA will oblige to provide any information or evidence requested in the matter of data protection.
  13. Protos Ezy VA has installed a high level IT security system in its local servers. Protos Ezy VA the upmost commitment to protect against any possibilities of cyber theft, fraud or attack.