The relationship of employee engagement to outstanding performance

by | Nov 9, 2017

Each and every company in the world desires to meet or exceed goals that have been set through consistent and reliable performance of each employee. Different departments have their own function and key performance indicators (KPI) in order to measure output and determine any strong points as well as pain points where improvement is necessary. Ever wondered how come certain departments/teams perform better than the others? Let’s use businesses as examples, how come some fastfood chains outperform others while they serve a similar menu? how does one business become successful and the other go bankrupt? There may be a ton of reasons behind it but for me there is this one thing that stands out as a difference maker.

This could be the main reason for someone to stay or go out of the company, a lot are taking this for granted and the results are negatively impacting the company or their business. It is called “Employee Engagement”. Allow me to share my experience as to how this has impacted me so much and how it changed the way I perceive management should be. Here are the 3 things on how I would describe employee engagement:

First, it is what you as an employee would also expect regardless of what position you have and the role that you play in the company. No one wants to be left out in a group of friends, much more in a business/company that you are working for. As a manager, it is up to me on how I would be leading this but I always keep in mind that this is something that should NEVER be taken for granted.

Second, it can be perceived as a give and take relationship. you need to engage with your employees regularly to make them feel that you care and would like to know about whatever they are going through, regardless if it is work related, lovelife or any other things. It doesn’t have to be too detailed that you have to go deep into their personal lives, a short chat could make wonders and boost their morale and performance for all you know.

Lastly, employee engagement makes the workplace more lively and human. we are not robots who are designed only to come to work and perform certain duties, we long to seek and give attention as well. engaging with your co-workers/employees enhances camaraderie and builds trust with one another which in turn positively affects the entire company.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure that we keep our employees motivated and that they feel valued one way or the other. Employee engagement helps us achieve this so I would highly recommend that this becomes a priority. It does not have to be too fancy , it just has to be natural and consistent and the results will definitely surprise you.

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