The Importance Of Great Communication For Successful Offshoring

by | Feb 1, 2018

You probably have read and heard about outsourcing in various sources and how it has helped a lot of businesses to scale by building offshore teams. But before even reaching that point a lot work needs to be put in place in order to increase the chance of success. Communication in particular is a key element that if its done effectively, would yield astonishing results, but if it’s not, then you can expect things to fall apart quite easily.

When it comes to managing a business particularly if you are involved in outsourcing like EzyVA, consistent and transparent communication is vital in making sure that clients and staff members work effectively to get the job done and achieve the goals set.

As we continue to strive to break borders/barriers between countries and enable businesses to scale in a more cost effective manner through outsourcing, we give our all out support to our clients by instilling processes and protocols that aims to make communication smooth, super easy and very efficient.

So how is effective communication defined? In my own opinion, it is having a thought process before communicating anything to anyone. You need to know who you are talking to, how and when to deliver it and ofcourse what the content of the message would be.

Let me share my thoughts and some of my personal experience on how communicating effectively has helped me to become better at what I do for the business by pointing out 3 major impacts:

Being Organized

It’s not just about your tools, emails and other stuff in your list that you need to be organized, communication should definitely be included. Being at one meeting after the other, interviews, client and prospect calls, reporting etc. A shift with one form of communication to the next is quite challenging and may cause confusion without an organized thought process. It took me some time to be more organized but it certainly helped me to communicate more effectively especially in the job placement process.

Increased awareness

There were a couple of instances that I thought I shouldn’t be escalating a particular scenario because it falls within my scope and it is my responsibility to handle it, however, i learned that raising it does not mean that i will not own it. It is better to raise it and discuss it with the people best suited for the situation in order to come up with a more informed decision before taking any course of action since it allows a wider point of view to be considered which is a valuable learning as well.

Better Decision Making

though I am entrusted and empowered to make decisions, I have to admit that there are still a lot of things in the business that I need to learn and improve on. This is the purpose of communication, to make things clear and transparent for everyone. I honestly believe that it is better to over communicate rather than not communicate at all, since we are all aiming to prevent any gaps from ever occurring and plan better together so that we can execute accordingly.

EzyVA recognizes the impact communication can make to any businesses and everyone in the company understands that we each have a role to play in making sure that we communicate effectively to clients and with one another.

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