Creating a process for maintaining staff accountability

by | Oct 20, 2017

An accountable staff is someone who is productive and would always go beyond what is expected. He would find ways to come up with a solution and is focused on how he can always be the best version of himself on every given situation. This is the lesson I have been holding on and reverting back to especially whenever I feel pressured and overwhelemed with work. As an Operations Manager, my scope of responsibility is wider than most people which means I am accountable not just with how the business operates but also how to manage the people who are involved in the operation as well whether its the clients or the staff working for them.

The difference in attitude and culture would be a factor that needs to be managed in order to create an environment where the “ideal” behavior could be displayed consistently. For the most part, its easy to have people follow standard procedures and code of conduct though there are instances that some people are taking matters into their own hands and making decisions that they think are the best for the company’s interest but ultimately end up fulfilling only their own. This is precisely what we are trying to address by making sure that our staff feels confident and encouraged to speak up if in any case they have experience any issues or if they have any concerns, because the more you just wait and watch these things unfold without addressing them proactively then there is a much greater risk of everything just falling apart.

Here are some of the things my team and I are doing in order to ensure that we incorporate accountability to each and every staff member that we have:

Make an effort to Re-set the staff’s expectation if needed

Given that the staff has been oriented by HR initially when starting, it is equally important to ensure that once in a while there is interaction about knowing if the staff are still familiar with the policies and procedures just to double check if you are all on the same page. There may be some updates on the policies and this could be an issue in case staff members are not clear or have questions about it.

Walk the Talk

This has been by far the most redundant phrase that people always expect from their leaders. It is also something that makes the relationship with the staff stronger since they would be more confident to follow someone who can adhere to the same expectations as they are being held accountable for.

Work Inspection

It may sound like you are there to police/call out staff members if ever they commit mistakes, but that is not how it should be viewed. This can happen during touchbase sessions with the staff or depending on the situation, it can be done on a regular basis just to ensure quality of output from the staff which they are accountable for.

Recognize/Flag attendance

This is extremely important especially for people working in the office since this is the number 1 metric that needs to be met by all regardless if you are a part of the management team or not.

Its better to always have a process in place no matter how small the business is especially if you have decided to outsource some of your workload. Since this allows you to maintain control over the quality of output while keeping your staff accountable at the same time. Want to know more on how we help businesses scale through outsourcing? Visit our website at for more details.

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