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Relationships in High Performing Teams

Do you want to know quickly if a team is high performing? Then look at their relationships with one another. My husband works in sports, and he likes to term this idea “dressing room culture”. What is happening in the dressing room? How do they treat each...

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Staff Showcase – Thea

Thea Administrative Assistant Tell us about your job? As an administrative assistant for a web developer, I help him manage his emails, search engine optimization and analytics. What is it about your job that you enjoy most? One of the biggest pros of my job is that I...

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Staff Showcase – Shirley

Shirley General VA Tell us about your job? I mostly maintain the client’s website, post blogs, do social media management and along with graphic design and copywriting. What is it about your job that you enjoy most? The thing that I enjoy the most in my job is the...

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