About Us

We have 5 major points of difference that make us stand out –

1. Support, Management & Systems. Gone are the days where you need to figure out outsourcing for yourself – All staff come with Team Leaders and you have access to all of our ready built systems that have been perfected over years.

2. We understand what small businesses need. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager that actually helps you strategise & grow your business.

3. Everything is under the one roof. Gone are the days when you need to have different staff in different locations. You have access to what you need, all in the one place.

4. We educate you. We have a vested interest in helping you scale up. The more we help you, the more you need us. We are you partners in growth.

5. We don’t do “Freelancers”. All of our staff that we assign are permanent employees of our Philippines based company. This allows us to find dedicated talent that are only interested in being a long term part of your business.

For more information about the company, our team and our mission – click here.

Community & Company Values

Ezy VA operates under 5 main values – Integrity, Education, Innovation, Freedom & Responsibility. This is a commitment we as company hold to our staff, our clients & the community. Due to this strong culture of values & social responsibility, in the Philippines, Ezy VA is well known as desirable company for staff to work for due to our very comprehensive mandate in which it operates to ensure staff are valued, nurtured & up-skilled. Our number one priority for you as the client, is to foster a long term relationship between you & your team, the staff we provide for you, & our management team, to provide a consistent, reliable & scalable remote staffing solution.

Please visit our Community Page for recent news & to see some of the projects we are passionate about being involved in.

What Our Clients Say

  •  “Since having my VA join my team, my business has been revolutionised. She has brought with her a wealth of knowledge, proactiveness, energy and creativity to my business. She has been instrumental in engaging more effectively with my audience and is an absolute delight to work with. She approaches every day in her stride, is engaged, asks questions and makes an excellent contribution every day. I cannot imagine having my business without her in it. I highly recommend Ezy VA to find you your lifesaver virtual assistant.”

    Angela Zimmerman

  • Claire Grlj has been in the marketing consultancy business for over three and half years. Of course, like any successful marketer, she quickly found herself in the position of having a large volume of work being thrown at her, and it all needed to be done under tight deadlines in order to meet her clients’ expectations.

    Claire Grlj

  • “Sourcing a Virtual Assistant via EzyVA was a straight forward process and ensured a positive match for both myself and my VA. The systems and support make working with my VA transparent and efficient – I only wish I’d started sooner!”

    Craig Stephens

  • As an employer I am very happy to work with EzyVA. I have found that there is very little difference hiring offshore as to hiring locally apart from the significant price difference. All staff require training, mentoring and ongoing adjustments and alignments. Once the training of each stage has been completed, I find my staff to be extremely diligent and very happy to be working. I find them very trustworthy and reliable and I am continually rolling out more responsibilities as the training and learning continues. I would recommend EzyVA to any employer as a way to move your business forward and a low level of expense.

    Trent Richards

  • I am wanting to send a message to the Ezy VA Dream Team Manager… we’ve just had a very fast turn around on a task and Dexter and Darryl have been awesome getting it done!! It has been such a relief for our business to work with a great team that produces the results we need even if we need them very fast! We appreciate the efforts and wanted to say a big thank you for helping us every week.

    Chantal Harris

  • “Hi EzyVA Team, I am writing to let you know how grateful I am that I found your service. I have been with you for 1 year now, and my life has been made easier because your guys. Before I found you, I used other freelance services to post and repost various jobs and always had to deal with different fees, skill levels and language comprehension. I even got jibbed once (when a provider asked for a deposit, then disappeared). It was time consuming and costly. Then I found EzyVA – all I do now is task my very own Account Manager who delegates the tasks to the right people. I love the flexibility: I can assign graphics, research, web and other tasks and they’re all taken care of. Tasks are completed to a high standard and completed quickly. Feedback is acted upon brilliantly. I have had a chance to chat with team members and you are all lovely and helpful. I am also impressed with your language skills, because freelancers overseas often have a bad reputation for limited English. Thanks again – you’re all AWESOME.” – Mia Montagliani –

    Mia Montagliani

  • “Hey Monty just wanted to say a big thanks for the services of your company so far. You have put together a BRILLIANT system. I’ve been outsourcing for many years, through odesk, freelancer, specialist companies, and through direct part time or full time employees, but I’ve NEVER come across something so easy to use and responsive as your service. Initially I was a bit dubious how long it would take to get a response when I posted a new project through Basecamp but to my surprise it was within an hour, and in the first week of using the service, I’ve been able to post up small WordPress fix requests, and they’ve been actioned and completely sorted within a few hours in the same day. I have a more complex systems setup project running and my project manager gave me a really professional progress report today. I really am stoked with the EzyVA service, and trust me, I’m fairly hard on my outsourcers, and wouldn’t say that lightly!!” – Peter Cutforth –

    Peter Cutforth

  • “The money I have saved on websites, logo designs & everything else that Ezy VA has done for me has allowed me to employ another full time girl in my beauty salon which I would not have been able to do if I paid an Australian to do the same job. Also as they have done the job so quickly and efficiently I hope to put on someone else in the near future creating two more jobs I probably wouldn’t have been able to do for a while. Thanks Ezy VA, I think what you are doing for small business is amazing and even more amazing what you are doing for the Ezy VA workers providing them with an opportunity most Australians take for granted!” – Amanda Bailey. –

    Amanda Bailey

  • “Thank you so much for helping set me up at EzyVA. This is by far the best solution for entreprenuers out there that i have come across in my four years of business so far! Things happen easily, effortlessly and quickly – your team rocks! For the first time i actually feel like i can get things done, its awesome!” – Mel Houghton. Coach & Trainer. –

    Mel Houghton

  • “We used EzyVA for our very first venture into outsourcing which they made suprisingly painless as they took care of everything. It was a roaring success and we now use them permanently as part of our team. Our only problem now is to work out what else we can outsource.” – Drew Grosskreutz – CEO – Otium Group (Property Super Simple)

    Drew Grosskreutz