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Scale your business and add more value to your clients

Reduce costs and increase productivity by offshoring

Allow your core staff to focus on the high-value activities

Who We Work With

At Ezy VA, we build “Teams Of High performing Virtual Staff” for High Performing Entrepreneurs, Micro Businesses & SME’s in a position to scale. Our mission is to support companies who have the mandate & passion to use their businesses as a force for good in the world through their products, services & values of contribution.

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Permanent Remote Staffing

Hire staff part time, full time or a team, allowing you & your core team to focus on the “high value activities” which brings the ROI to your business. We take care of everything including recruitment, payroll & overheads for running the staff. We house the staff in our offices & make sure they are fully equipped. You & your staff will be provided with the best systems, training & performance monitoring.

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Contact us now for an obligation free strategy session with one of our outsourcing experts today. Not only will we give you access to our team to help you get your time back, but we give you the exact strategy on exactly what to outsource & the “step-by-step” process on how to do it.

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Co-Managed Remote Staffing For Scaling Businesses

About Us

We have 4 major points of difference that make us the right choice in building your high performing virtual team:

1. We don’t do “Freelancers”. All of our staff that we assign are long term permanent employees of our Philippines based company. This allows us to recruit dedicated talent that are only interested in being a long term part of your business.

2. Support, Management & Systems. Gone are the days where you need to figure out outsourcing for yourself – All staff come with Team Leaders and you have access to all of our ready built systems for performance management that enables you to scale.

3. We take care of everything. You pay us a set cost which includes the staff, office, internet, equipment, HR, Payroll etc, we even assign you a dedicated Account Manager to ensure the success of your team.

4. We understand what small businesses need. We don’t just provide you with staff & office, we work closely with you to strategise & create a defined pathway to help you hit your targets for scale.


At Ezy VA, we love the work we do for our clients. Each & every one of us loves the fact that we get to contribute to not just growing a business, but growing a business that has meaning in the world. That’s what gives us meaning.

And each and every day we feel great about that.

But there’s something else that makes us feel even better AND our work even more rewarding.

It’s this: we don’t just enhance our clients lives & those of the new staff we provide jobs for, we impact the lives of people we most likely will never even meet. And that’s because with every bit of business we do here at Ezy VA, we make sure something great happens in our world too…… Keep Reading

What Our Clients Say

Trent Richards

As an employer I am very happy to work with EzyVA. I have found that there is very little difference hiring offshore as to hiring locally apart from the significant price difference. All staff require training, mentoring and ongoing adjustments and alignments. Once the training of each stage has been completed, I find my staff to be extremely diligent and very happy to be working. I find them very trustworthy and reliable and I am continually rolling out more responsibilities as the training and learning continues. I would recommend EzyVA to any employer as a way to move your business forward and a low level of expense.

-Trent Richards

Angela Zimmerman

“Since having my VA join my team, my business has been revolutionised. She has brought with her a wealth of knowledge, proactiveness, energy and creativity to my business. She has been instrumental in engaging more effectively with my audience and is an absolute delight to work with. She approaches every day in her stride, is engaged, asks questions and makes an excellent contribution every day. I cannot imagine having my business without her in it. I highly recommend Ezy VA to find you your lifesaver virtual assistant.”

– Angela Zimmerman

Claire Grlj

Claire Grlj has been in the marketing consultancy business for over three and half years. Of course, like any successful marketer, she quickly found herself in the position of having a large volume of work being thrown at her, and it all needed to be done under tight deadlines in order to meet her clients’ expectations.

– Claire Grlj

Aaron Dunn

The process of plugging in a VA has been such a big learning curve for me, as I’ve learned that acceleration starts to happen as soon as you get all the processes and systems in place. My VA and I have started together the journey of growing my business a year ago and we already are at the stage of hiring additional staff for some of our other businesses.

– Aaron Dunn

Drew Grosskreutz

“We used Ezy VA for our very first venture into outsourcing which they made surprisingly painless as they took care of everything. It was a roaring success and we now use them permanently as part of our team. Our only problem now is to work out what else we can outsource.”

– Drew Grosskreutz

Karen Yang

I’m really happy with how my company is operating ever since I got Kath on board. Compared to other outsourcing companies I have used in the past, I can see a big difference especially with how things are being dealt ever since Kath has joined. I’m less stressed, my business has grown because I cleared my plate of so much time consuming work, and I am now focused on bringing in new sales and looking for new opportunities.

– Karen Yang

Craig Stephens

“Sourcing a Virtual Assistant via EzyVA was a straight forward process and ensured a positive match for both myself and my VA. The systems and support make working with my VA transparent and efficient – I only wish I’d started sooner!”

– Craig Stephens

Ramo Phalatsi

Hanna not only gave me my time back, she’s also helped me scale my business, by allowing me to focus on the most important things when dealing with my clients, without getting sucked into the time consuming tasks. I’m really pleased; things are going from good to better everyday.

– Ramo Phalatsi

Ray Behan

We heard only great things about Ezy VA and after testing the waters for a couple of months, we were completely sold. I flew to Pampanga in the Philippines a couple of years ago and after spending 2-3 days in the office I realised even more that everybody working there was fully dedicated, their heart was completely in the business, super loyal, high driven and motivated. Performance was non questionable.

– Ray Behan

Guus Goorts

Focused on selling results more than anything, Guus understood the importance of outsourcing in the very early stages of his entrepreneurial journey, but after working with various freelancers he soon realised he needed a system behind his growth, and invest time in training dedicated people who were looking to be part of his team long term.

– Guus Goorts


When Radha discovered she could turn her passion for tea into a profitable business, it wasn’t long until she grew her range of tea blends from Kenya to almost all over the world.

When they first started, this family business was pretty much spot on with all the admin and financing that goes behind the scenes, but as soon as both the business and the family grew, Radha soon realized it was time to grow the team as well for a more efficient flow of processes.

– Radha

Peter Lawson

Peter Lawson had an accounting practice for 22 years when he realised the need for accounting firms just as similar to his to cleverly strategize in order to attract and retain their ideal clients. And that’s why Bizz Connect Joint Ventures was formed 4 years ago. Peter understood the need for scaling for his business and see the bigger picture that so many entrepreneurs miss and decided to work with an offshore staff to help him with running and marketing his business.

– Peter Lawson

Natalie Ashdown

After starting working with Aileen a couple of months ago, Natalie admits that the company’s workflow improved considerably, and the team now gets things done quicker. She revealed to us that delegating work to Aileen allows the team to do what they do best and puts less pressure on having to handle too many time consuming tasks at once.

– Natalie Ashdown


Lyndi is a natural when it comes to building businesses and delegating work. She successfully managed her business until she reached a point where she wanted to do a better, quicker and more effective job. And that’s when she found Ezy VA.

– Lyndi

Paul Barrs

Being in the industry of helping businesses grow, Paul understood the power of smart delegation and how precious his time was and so, a little over a year ago, he decided to get in contact with us. That’s when he met Thea that according to Paul “Thea is so resourceful, I’m underutilizing her, there’s really no end to what she can assist with”.

– Paul Barrs


EyVA not only provides you with highly skilled staff, but it also helps you build high performing teams offshore. Once you realise the time and money you save, just like our client WalkerBai did, you’ll never look back. Each team member has been performing from the get-go, there was almost zero training required, and they were superstars throughout.

– WalkerBai

Donna Meredith

Our client explained her reason for outsourcing with EzyVA was that she was looking for ‘constant support to enable me to serve my clients better and to also leverage my time more effectively so I can focus on the high value activities. I found that EzyVA had a pool of very talented individuals that weren’t just very good at their job, but they were also very happy to work with me everyday. That gave even more enthusiasm to do my job and to give them more responsibilities as well’

– Donna Meredith

Shane Anderson

Shane explains he needed someone to help him with his branding, down to the last detail, and manage to keep the uplifting, motivational tone of voice that his audience was needing. How did his VA Shirley action that? “Absolutely fantastic” Shane reveals. “We’ve got along extremely well from the very beginning, she required little to no training, she’s extremely talented at writing my articles, she has met all of my expectations and then some”.

– Shane Anderson

Tiffany Bowtell

Starting January 2016, PMVA opened its doors to Tiffany’s clients in the property management industry and Ezy VA was the vessel through which the idea came to life. “My clients were looking for an permanent staffing solution that would be both productive and cost effective. Ezy VA helped us with recruiting 8 staff to date, providing everything from human resources to office facilities and management.”

– Tiffany Bowtell

Rod Nicholls

When asked about Grace – his virtual staff, Rod said “She’s always reliable, capable, and knows pretty much everything about what I’m asking her to do. She’s really quick at working things out, it’s always quicker to delegate things to her than to do it in the local office as she has a vast palette of skills.” Rod is a fan of offshoring for a number of reasons, and says he always recommends us to business partners and friends.

– Rod Nicholls